About Neandertals and Human Evolution
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Neanderthals Survived Later than Thought
Homer Simpson's Family Tree
Neandertals Lingered in Europe
A South African Cradle for Humans?
African Eden Was Cradle of Mankind: Tourist Rush as Sterkfontein
Caves Made a World Heritage Site by Unesco
Skulls Provide More Evidence of Early Migration Out of Africa
Custodian of Mankind's Cradle South African

For Leakey Family, Time is Relative
DNA tests show humans not Neanderthals' descendants
Neanderthal Museum
Hunterian Museum
Human Prehistory
Images of Neandertals
Neandertals Lived Harmoniously
Neandertals and rickets
Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (a different link)
Archaic Homo sapiens and the Neandertals
Neandertal Notes
Neandertal Morph: Introduction
Ancestral Quandry
Salt and Neandertals
Neandertal and Chain Mail Armor
Out of Food
Transitionals and Neandertals
Cooking Clan of the Cave Bear Style
Neanderthal Flute
Mousterian Culture and Neandertals
Palaeontology project - human origins
Out of E.Asia II
Spanish "Pit of Bones" sheds light on earliest burials
Neandertal skull features
The Sequence of Human Evolution
The Humanity of Fossil Man
James Shreeve replies on the issue of Neandertals
Re: Questions about Cro Magnon
Re: Neanderthals...
Institute for Ice Age Studies
The Middle Paleolithic and the Neandertals
Neandertal language
The Human Evolutionary Record
Dolni Vestonice
The Neandertal Enigma Questions
James Shreeve responds to "The Neandertal Enigma Questions"
Early Hominid Language
Fossil Hominids
Lucy's Knee Joint
The Scientific Evidence For the Origin of Man
The Atapuerca Home Page
Human Paleontology Photo Gallery
How humans Evolved
HUMAN EVOLUTION: A Multimedia Guide to the Fossil Record
News from the Hall of Human Biology & Evolution of
the American Museum of Natural History
The Origin of the Human Capacity
Prehistoric art from the Chauvet Cave
Amud Cave - Home of Neandertals
Neanderthal=Nephilim? Carbon 14 Dating? (Creationist Argument)
Creationist Arguments: Neandertals
Neanderthals and Moderns Coexisted Longer Than Thought
Why Did Neanderthals Become Extinct?
Neandertal Winter Collection
DNA Shows Neandertals Were Not Our Ancestors
Neandertals Are Not Linked to Humans, Says Study
Neandertal DNA
Neandertal Takes a One-Eighty (Creationist ariticle)
The Shaman's Cape--Evidence of Religion Among the Neandertals
Phylogeny, Morphology and Life History of the Genus Homo.
Neanderthal, Man Differ By A Nose
Fossil Hominids: References
Palaeolithic Archaeology of Weasel Cave in the Caucasus
Mountains of North Ossetia, Russia
The Paleolithic Archaeology of Weasel Cave
A New Species?
Bones Point Way to New Human Ancestor
The African Emergence and Early Asian Dispersals of the Genus Homo
Branching Out
Scientists Find Human-Ancestor Species in Spain
The Evolution of Man
Tautavel, the Arago Cave
The Ascent of Mind
Mary Leaky, Who Looked For Our Past, Dies At 83
Behold the Stone Age
400,000-Year-Old Spear Find Points to Savvy Early Humans